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Kstar AC Charger (Commercial Version)
With IP65 protection, Kstar Ac charger products can adapt to harsh environments. It adopts advanced embedded control technology, and have multiple billing methods and intelligent management to meet the latest charging standards. It has the functions of overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, leakage protection and overload protection. 


General Features

● High Protection Level: Protection class IP65,

Suitable for all kinds of harsh environments;

● Support Bluetooth Function

Start-up, commissioning and upgrade via Bluetooth module;

● Various Communication Modes

Ethernet and wireless 4G communication modes are supported, and charging information and fault information can be uploaded;

● Human-Machine Interaction

Clear display of prompt information, charging information, charging amount, fault information, etc., for easy operation;

Technical Specification

KSTAR EV Charger Solutions Datasheet.pdf

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