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Data Center Industry

  With the continuous increase of total amount and mobile traffic of global data, the demand of internet for
infrastructure will increase rapidly, data concentration in the cloud will further promote the rapid development of data center industry and the market will present characteristics such as global competition and personalized services.

   It is predicted that, in the next 5 years, the average annual growth rate of big data industry in China will exceed 50%. The total amount of data in China will account for 20% of total amount of data in the world by 2020. Then China will become the number one data resource country in the world and global data center.

  With the accelerated implementation of national big data strategy, big data industry will have another round of    development opportunity. Our data center industry enters large-scale planning and construction phase, data center
also transforms from a matching service to service production center gradually, demand for its  PUE, delivery and
operation & maintenance also increases dramatically. Under this situation, traditional data center  is difficult to sustain and the data center will first have its overall cloud reform

  Infrastructure of the data center is faced with new challenges and opportunities. Green, high efficiency and security etc. become key words in the future development.

  Infrastructure of the data center needs to adapt to high density, low PUE and rapid
deployment according to needs. Modular construction mode can no longer meet the needs of
cloud era. In the future, the data center will implement comprehensive technological
transformation and optimization for the power supply, cooling system and management system.

  Modular data center will become a mainstream in small and medium data center. Automatic and intelligent data center will significantly save operation and maintenance cost. Green data center
conforms to the development direction of China and even the world.

  In the trend of convenient, abundant and super-large scale "Data Cloud" era, Kstar also presents the innovation reform of green energy saving, intelligent and safe integrated solution with
respect to the equipment in the data center correspondingly.

    Intelligence makes the management simpler, achieves the high visibility, traceability and
manageability of assets of the data center, and thereby improves the energy efficiency and
realizes intelligent interconnection between various equipment inside the infrastructure. Kstar
builds a more energy saving solution with higher cost performance that can better meet customer needs in terms of green energy saving and intelligence.

    Kstar keeps up with modular architecture thought and adopts modular UPS so that it can cope with rapid expansion and increase modules without interrupting relevant business. Kstar
adopts modular air conditioner and DC inverter so as to achieve maximum energy saving efficiency. Business development in the future is facilitated by adopting modular components.

  Kstar integrated cabinet type equipmentroom is the first cabinet-based integrated product and solution for data center put forward by Kstar in China based on the trend of "Cabinet Type data
 " according to the demand of small and medium-sized enterprises and base-level users for the construction of IT infrastructure. Since the components constituting the product in the
solution adopt standard production and standard frame design and installation mode, the
construction period is shortened, the single path failure points between different functional
modules are reduced, the compatibility between different systems is greatly improved, the space
utilization of the equipment room of the users is maximized, and the users are provided with a
small intelligent equipment room system with higher consistency, integration, manageability and expansibility. 

    Kstar UPS power supply and its matching Kstar valve-regulated sealed battery product are designed based on five advanced design concepts and integrate the cabinet system, power supply and distribution system, refrigerating system, intelligent monitoring system and comprehensive wiring system to ensure that the product is characterized by high density modularization, high reliability and security, quick flexible deployment, simplicity, low consumption and intelligent monitoring. These accomplish the new generation of integrated solution for the data center. Kstar Green data center conforms to the development direction of China and even the world.

    As a green, efficient and secure data center solution supplier, infrastructure of Kstar data center will convoy the big data era!

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