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KAC50DP-BC100DE Outdoor Cabinet ESS Solution

KSTAR outdoor cabinet ESS solution (KAC50DP-BC100DE) is designed for small to medium size of C&I energy storage and microgrid applications.

New energy storage system KAC50DP-BC100DE brochure.pdf

KSTAR Energy Storage Solution 2023.pdf


● CATL high performance LFP battery
  1+1 redundancy. The battery cabinet has 2*51.2KWH battery

● Modular design.The energy storage system can be expanded by multiple 50KW/100KWH units
 String monitoring optional

● 75KW MPP trackers are integrated inside the KAC50DP module
 EMS included. It is suitable for various applications

● Pre-installed in factory for easy installation on site

Double fire suppression system design

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