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SR Series Cabinet
Kstar SR Server Cabinet can accommodates all standard 19-inch rackmount equipment and ships fully assembled for quick and easy deployment in secure, high-density server and IT networking environments.
General Features

 Cold rolled steel plate frame, long-term use without deformation.
  Industry leading corrosion resistance

  Ventilation rate is 75%.
  Max static bearing capacity is 2310 kg
  Max. load-bearing of fixed floor plate is 120kg

  ROHS certification & Meet Global Standard

technical parameter
 Order model size:W*D*H(mm)   Specifications Explain 
SERCS E61042B 600*1000*2000 42U High quality SPCC manufacturing; meets 19 international standards; IP20; single open mesh; front door; double open mesh; rear; 4 support feet; 4 movable casters
SERCS E61142B 600*1200*2000 42U
SERCS E61242B 600*1200*2000 42U
SERCS E81042B 800*1000*2000 42U
SERCS E81142B-S 800*1100*2000 42U
SERCS E81142B 800*1100*2000 42U