Beijing Built a Big Science Infrastructure with Kstar Smart Modular Data Center
The construction of infrastructure for a big science biomedical imaging project in Beijing was officially completed on 3rd Nov, according to Peking University, which owns the facilities. With a construction area of about 66,667 square meters and a total investment of 1.72 billion yuan (about $237.33 million), the project will promote the country's research in the life sciences and understanding of diseases.

a big science biomedical imaging project in Beijing

Considering the complex of the project, Kstar, a leading digital facilities supplier, has been opted to design the project's data center facilities. Based on the company's extensive experience with big data and high-performance computing (HPC) cases, Kstar has built a modular data center solution with air-liquid hybrid cooling solutions for the project. 

  modular data center for lab

“In an AI data center or advanced analytics data center, each rack consumes more energy and generates more heat than a typical data center, putting greater pressure on cooling systems to ensure safe and efficient operations. Air cooling simply can't keep up with the increased densities and heavy processing loads, that's why we added liquid cooling cabinets. This solution combines the benefits of both air and liquid cooling to help the project achieve low PUE, reliability, and space savings," said Kstar Project Leader.


“We are proud to build equipment for today's and tomorrow's research needs. Over the past 30 years, Kstar has served on several landmark projects, including the Beijing Olympics, the Three Gorges Project and the West-to-East Gas Transmission Project. We look forward to delivering more revolutionary data center projects for our customers,” He added.

data cetner power backup

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