Kstar Retains No.5 Position in the $10 Billion UPS Market

Recently, Omdia unveiled its report titled "UPS Hardware Market 2023," wherein Kstar was ranked as the fifth largest supplier of UPS devices worldwide in terms of market share for 2022. KSTAR has achieved the TOP 5 place for the third consecutive time.

top 10 UPS supplier 2022

Based on the report, despite the impact of the macroeconomic environment and geopolitics, the UPS market demonstrated an impressive overall performance, reaching a value of $10 billion. In the long-term forecast, the UPS market revenue will achieve a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.1% between 2022 and 2027, attributed to the sustained investments made by major cloud service providers for their data centers.

Kevin, the Product Director of Kstar, expressed, “With years of experience in the power industry and a solid customer base, Kstar has established a firm grip on the UPS market. We strive to improve customer satisfaction and expand our product and solution roadmap to address emerging customer demands.”

Since 2022, Kstar has consistently unveiled high-efficiency & compact UPS solutions to cater to the global market. Among these offerings are the Memopower Li series, a compact Rack-Tower convertible lithium-ion UPS, the YDC series (10-200kVA), a 3-Phase UPS renowned for its exceptional 95.3% efficiency, and the groundbreaking 100kW ultra-high UPS power module, designed at a height of 3U. This suite of products has been meticulously engineered not only to reduce space requirements but also to enhance power density and overall efficiency.

lihitum-ion UPS

The company's unwavering focus on efficiency has proven successful.“We have noticed the increase in the rack power density throughout the data center industry and continue to see strong demand for three-phase high-power capacity UPS." stated Omdia's analyst. The rising sales of three-phase UPS reference Kstar's leading position.

"As businesses continue to rely on reliable power & IT infrastructure for their operations, Kstar stands ready to support their critical infrastructure needs with evolving smart energy solutions."  Kevin adds.


Established in 1993 and going public in 2010, Kstar (00251. SZ) is a world-leading power conversion expert committed to providing best-in-class solutions in critical power, renewable energy and energy storage systems. As China's largest UPS OEM supplier and UPS exporter, Kstar operates seven modern manufacturing bases globally, producing 3 million UPS units annually. For 30 years, Kstar UPS has served 180 markets, providing reliable, high-quality energy to data centers, telecommunications, finance and other industries.

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