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GSL2500C-MV container-type PV inverter,which is  DC1000V Turnkey Solution(Inverter+MV Transformer+RMU),  is a standardized 20ft shipping container. It is applicable for large-scale centralized PV power plants. It greatly shortens construction period and saves construction cost as it can be directly installed outdoors. It is high efficiency, high reliability and fast installation.

General Features

● Max. PV voltage up to 1000V

● Max.40 DC inputs

● Modular design for Easy maintenance 

● Max. DC/AC ratio up to 1.5

● Full power output under 50℃


● SVG function at night

● IP54 outdoor protection

● LVRT/HVRT/FRT function 

Technical Specifications
Model GSL2500C-MV
Max. DC input voltage 1000Vdc 
MPPT voltage range  580~850Vdc
Number of DC input 16(400A) / 40 (200A)
Max. input current  3870A
Rated output power 2500KW
Max. output power 
AC output voltage
Grid frequency range 50 / 60Hz(±4.5Hz) (adjustable)  
LV/MV voltage
0.4kV / 10~35kV
Power factor (cosФ) 1  ( 0.9 leading – 0.9 lagging) (adjustable)  
THDI <3%  
System features  
Inverter Max. efficiency 99%  
Inverter Euro efficiency 98.7%  
MPPT efficiency  >99%
Cooling type  Forced air cooling
Communication interface  RS485, External Ethernet (optional)

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