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GSL Series 1000~1250KW
GSL1000 ~ GSL1250 series PV inverter is a three-phase central inverter whose rated output voltage is 400Vac. It is applicable for large-scale centralized PV power plant. It has the characteristics of high efficiency and high reliability.

General Features

● Max. PV voltage up to 1000V

● High efficiency up to 99%

● Redundancy control circuits

● High performance redundancy cooling system

● Advanced DSP control

● Zero Voltage Ride Through function

● Reactive power controller

● SVG function at night

Technical Parameters
Model GSL1000 GSL1250
Max. DC power 1300KW 1562KW
Max. DC voltage 1000Vdc
MPPT voltage range 580~850Vdc
Max. DC input number 8(320A) / 16(160A)
Max. input current  1935A 2420A
Raled output power 1000KW 1250KW
Raled output voltage 400Vac
Output voltage range (1±15%)*Normal AC Voltage (adjustable ±5%,±10%,±15%,±20%)
Grid frequency range 50 / 60Hz(±4.5Hz),(adjustable)
Rated AC output current 1444A 1804A
Max. output current 1588A 1984A
Power factor (cosФ) 1(Lagging0.9~Leading0.9)(adjustable)
THDI <3%
Max. efficiency 99.0%
Euro efficiency 98.7%
MPPT efficiency >99%
Standby(night time)losses <50W
Cooling Forced air cooling
Communication interface RS485, external Ethernet (optional)

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