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GSE Series 30~630KW 
GSE series PCS is a centralized three-phase energy storage bidirectional converter specially designed for large-scale energy storage system. And isolated transformer can be integrated on the output side of the PCS if necessary. It can be used for peak shaving, frequency regulation and smooth the output of PV power plant. It has the characteristics of high reliability, high efficiency and low cost.

General Features

● Solution for energy independence

● Peak shaving, frequency regulation and smooth output

● Highly integrated design, high efficiency and energy saving

● Independent charging and discharging circuit

● Operating in either on-grid mode or off-grid mode

● Compatible with both lead-acid battery and Li-ion battery

Technical Parameters
Model GSE0030T GSE0050T GSE0100T GSE0150T GSE0250T GSE0500T GSE0500 GSE0630
Max. DC input power 33KW 55KW 110KW 165KW 275KW 550KW 550KW 690KW
Battery voltage range 400~850Vdc 500~850Vdc
Max. input current 66A 110A 220A 330A 550A 1100A 1100A 1200A
Rated AC output power 30KW 50KW 100KW 150KW 250KW 500KW 500KW 630KW
Max. AC output power 33KVA 55KVA 110KVA 165KVA 275KVA 550KVA 550KVA 690KW
Rated output voltage 400Vac (With transformer) 315Vac (Transformerless)
AC output topology 3W+N+PE 3W+PE
Rated output current 43A 72A 144A 216A 361A 722A 916A 1155A
Max. output current 48A 80A 160A 240A 400A 800A 1007A 1212A
ON-grid mode
Grid voltage range 400Vac(-20%~﹢15%) 315Vac(-20%~﹢15%)
Grid frequency range 50 / 60Hz(±2Hz)(adjustable)
THDI <3%
Power factor (cosφ) -1~+1
Off-grid mode
Output voltage accuracy 1%
Output voltage distortion <2%(linear load)

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