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China CRAC UNIT Manufacturers

A CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioning) unit, also known as Precision Cooling System is a cooling device that monitors and maintains the temperature and humidity in mission-critical spaces such as server rooms, data centers, data halls, IT, or UPS rooms.


Different types of Computer room air conditioning unit
Room type, Row type and Rack type.

Computer Room Air Conditioner Manufacturers
China CRAC units are popular all around the world mainly because of their low cost and high performance. Many importers prefer to purchase air conditioners for their computer room, labs, data center projects. Today we are will introduce a famous Chinese CRAC unit manufacturer-Kstar for clients. 

Company Information
KSTAR is one of the oldest and biggest brands in the data center cooling market in China. Kstar CRAC units are famous for its energy-saving and precision control technology.

Main Products:

Kstar room-cooling:

StationAir Series

MatrixAir Series

Kstar in-row cooling:

FocusAir Series

Kstar rack-cooling

InsertAir Series