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Can I Use a UPS To Back Up Air Conditioning in Summer?

Generally, UPS should not be used with air-conditioning, because the starting current of the air-conditioner is 4-6 times that of normal operation. What's more, continuous switching when using the air conditioner will cause voltage and current spikes and surges. It is a challenge to the UPS system. If  you have no option other to use a UPS to support A/C, it is recommended to oversize the inverter by as much as four to five times to ensure the UPS will be able to support the load and cut the risk of failure. Of course, you will have to pay for more because The larger the capacity of UPS, the higher the price. 

If you are using an inverter air conditioner, it only needs to be twice the size. However,we still recommend you to use a generator to backup your air-conditioning instead of a uninterruptible power supply system.

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