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What's the difference between standby generator and UPS?

Standby Generator:

The power supply voltage and power quality of the generator is relatively low, the wave type is not pure, the harmonic content is also large, and there is a long conversion time during the process of switching from the mains (even if the ATS automatic switch is installed, there is also a 1-6 second interval) , They can only be applied to equipments that does not require high power quality. They are not suitable for precision equipment or critical infrastructure in data centers. In addition, there is a lot of noise in the operation of the generator.

Power Failure Emergency Device:

EPS (power failure emergency device) is an emergency power supply system. It generally has a soft start or frequency Converter Motor Starting and meets the safety design demand of the fire industry. It is more suitable for inductive loads. It is a large-capacity battery that supply emergency power for fire lighting, elevators, and fire protection through inverter Backup emergency power supply for pumps and other equipment. It takes 1-5 seconds to switch between EPS and mains. It can only solve the problem of power outage, but not other problems such as power interference.It cannot be used for critical load equipment in the IT industry. The working principle of inverter power supply is similar to EPS. It can only solve the problem of power failure. It is suitable for civil household emergency lighting or standby power supply of household appliances.


A UPS differs from an auxiliary or emergency power system or standby generator in that it will provide near-instantaneous protection from input power interruptions, by supplying energy stored in batteries, supercapacitors, or flywheels. They offer high quality power supply and uninterrupted power supply.

What's more, A UPS can solve all the unstable factors of the power supply, such as the instability of voltage and frequency, various disturbances of the power grid, and the interruption of the power supply. That's why it is typically used to protect hardware such as computers, data centers, telecommunication equipment or other electrical equipment where an unexpected power disruption could cause injuries, fatalities, serious business disruption or data loss.Pure power equipment is recommended to be equipped with power EPS power supply or standby generator set.