KSTAR supplies solar inverters KSG-120CL in Turkey recently
KSTAR’s distribution partner a government-owned enterprise has announced that it is to supply one of Turkey’s largest energy investment companies with solar inverters KSG-120CL under a newly signed supply chain partnership.

The supplier in Turkey, is one of the national largest energy investment companies, engaged in electricity generation, distribution and turnkey delivery of production facilities, having to date developed many solar projects across cities.

In Turkey, KSTAR’s distributor will help our customers explore and develop more opportunities both locally and globally.

“We’re excited to offer our distributor and commercial owners the smart PV solution KSG-120CL, which can generate electricity and bring more ROI for them.” Said Terry Quan, the project manager from KSTAR. “Our partner is a really important supporter to our regional business in Turkey, and through the cooperation, we hope that our partner and KSTAR will build a long-term win-win relationship now and the future.” 
The KSG-120CL string inverter has a 10 MPPT design for maximum energy harvest. The multiple MPPT capability greatly increases the match between the solar array (PV panels), ESS and utility grids. The MPPT converts a higher voltage DC output from solar panels down to the lower voltage needed to charge batteries. MPPTs are most effective under conditions such as winter seasons, low battery charge and long wire runs.

The KSG-120CL delivers a smart I-V Curve function for improving maintenance efficiency, which is used to check whether the state is good and whether there are shadowing effects, as well as accurate identification of problems, reducing time and cost for manual inspection. The smart I-V Curve function is a 100% online solution, improving remote monitoring capabilities.

The KSG-120CL application scenarios are commercial and industrial PV power plants. The IP66 design can be used in extremely harsh environments, including temperatures of minus 25 degrees temperatures, through to floating solar plants.

To power a green future for customers and partners, KSTAR is devoted to new energy solutions for many years. There is more than 25 GW installation for KSTAR worldwide until now.
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