Kstar organizes the "present-focused, future-ready" training course for the R&D team

Last month, Kstar organized the "present-focused, future-ready"  training course for the R&D team in the Guangming Industrial Park training room. The course focused on skill development that would help the R&D team get better knowledge, improve efficiency and skills to keep up with technological changes and keep aligned with the demands of the market.

Kstar organizes traning for employees

The picture shows the Kstar R&D team is conducting the 16th training of 2021

Kstar has organized 16 trainings for the R&D department so far and participants have spent more than 32 hours on this year's training program. The training plan was developed by R&D management department.

kstar traning course for R&D

Mr. Qiu, R&D management department director, who introduce the 2021 training plan earlier this year, said many employees need guidance or support to train them how to adapt to the challenging world. “We all saw how the pandemic and digital technology influence all kinds of industry.” he said. “The plan will focus on the present and prepare for the future.”

Kstar R&D traning

“First of all, we used in-depth interviews with R&D project managers to collect job training needs. Secondly, we pass the questionnaire to identify the employee's training needs. Finally, in the results, we developed an innovation-oriented training program for R&D staff, carried out by internal or external experts of the company. We hope the courses will help the team function effectively.”

“Developing our employees' careers is an investment for both our employees and the future of Kstar. We offer world-class education and training opportunities to help staff grow skills and careers. We encourage and support continuing education, offer onsite training to enhance job- and management-related skills and help our employees to adapt to work in a competitive and challenge world.” says Jiao, HR director.

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