Optimize Your Data Center's Efficiency with Kstar's Precision Air Conditioner

In today's data center world, cooling efficiency is the king as energy consumption by cooling systems can be over 40% of total energy consumption. With data load constantly increasing, efficient precision air conditioners in large data centers are essential for reducing operating costs.

In-Row Cooling 

Kstar row-based precision air conditioner catalog 

 Kstar FocusAirtm in-row precision air conditioner

With advanced cooling technology, Kstar FocusAirtm in-row precision air conditioner features compact size and high efficiency. It allows humidity control and precision cooling close to the server heat source for the most effective operation. By removing heated air from the data center hot aisle and using it to return cooled air to the servers (cold aisle), the solution provides the highest efficiency and availability. It can also achieve real-time rack temperature monitoring.

It is available in two widths, 300mm or 600mm, capacities from 5 kW to 60 kW and in system formats of air, water, glycol, chilled water and etc. Adjustable airflow baffles allow you to more precisely direct airflow within the row.

In-room cooling 

Kstar room-based precision air conditioner catalog 
                The MatrixAir™ precision cooling system
The MatrixAir™ precision cooling system has been developed to meet the increasing demand for ultra-efficient and large capacity. It is a room-based cooling system that can deliver efficient, precise, reliable control of room temperature, humidity and airflow for the proper operation of critical electronic equipment. A wide range of standard units offered from 25 KW to 300 KW in upflow & downflow configurations.

Patent fan design can save up to 30% energy when compared with competitor units, helping data center facilities deliver best-in-class PUEs. Optional cooling source boosts cooling system availability and reliability

In-rack cooling

Kstar rack-based precision air conditioner catalog  

Kstar In-rack cooling

Compared with room-based or row-based cooling, the rack-based airflow paths are even shorter and exactly defined, so that airflows are totally immune to any installation variation or room constraints. Kstar‘s next-generation rack cooling system is compatible with the 19-inch cabinet, enabling accurate air supply and a better cooling effect. It is a flexible tool that can be used wherever you want and maintain safe temperatures for servers, routers, hubs, UPS systems and other equipment in rack environments!

About Precision air conditioner

The Precision air conditioner is air conditioner specifically designed for IT equipment which are sensitive to temperature and humidity. Precision Cooling Systems are commonly used in places like computer rooms, data centers, laboratories, and many other industrial applications.  Established heat rejection technologies such as Direct Expansion (DX), Chilled Water and Evaporative Cooling continue to dominate while also becoming more sustainable.