KSTAR provides green energy at a 200kW PV Project in Chungbuk,Korea
Hills continue to go solar. KSTAR provides green energy at a 200kW PV Project in  Goesan-gun, Chungbuk,Korea. A 200kW distributed solar project is located in Goesan-Gun, Chungbuk Korea with KSTAR 110kW Solar Inverter (KSG-110SL-KR) . The solar inverters are distributed on the hills of Goesan.

KSTAR’s smart PV solutions are designed to be safe and reliable, while achieving optimal power generation yields.. The PV power plant helps save energy cost and be environmental friendly.  The Solar Inverters (KSG-110SL-KR)  are nicely installed and lowering the customers’ electricity bills.  
South Korea currently plans to install 30.8 GW of solar by 2030, particularly increased in line with its overall economic growth. It’s reported that this year's growth may be lower than that of 2020, as several regional administrations are limiting the development of utility scale projects through new regulations for project siting, according to a PV media.

KSTAR  Smart PV Solution creates a green and economical model for the electricity consumption in Korea and other countries. New energy is our responsibility.  Delivering energy safety and high energy performance to our solar customers and partners, KSTAR is devoted to new energy solutions for many years worldwide. Until now, there is more than 25 GW installation for KSTAR worldwide. KSTAR has been a trusted partner for global energy companies and customers. Learn more: