Kstar Modular Data Center Solutions for Banking and Financial Institutions

The banking industry is experiencing unprecedented change in recent years. On one hand, big data, AI and cloud are still transforming the financial industry. For another,competition from non-traditional players such as fintech firms are increasingly fierce. 

Banking industry

To win the customer back, banks must leverage powerful digital technologies to improve the customer experience, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and block chain. Putting many of these technologies to use in real-time, however, requires the processing of large amounts of data. Banks and FSIs need a robust IT infrastructure that can support their digital initiatives. This involves not only advanced power, thermal management but also monitoring technologies. 

Kstar data cetner solution in a bank

This is where Kstar modular data center solutions come into play. They include IDU Micro Data Center Solutions, IDM Small and Medium Data Center Solutions, IDR Medium and Large Data Center Solutions. They are highly integrated — including IT cabinets, power supply and distribution, cabling and management, and cooling systems. 

kstar data center solution for banking

Safety and Reliability-Guarantee a High Uptime for Financial Services

With a great deal of banking now being facilitated through apps, mobile phones and online, financial institutions need to guarantee a high uptime for their servers. Kstar modular data center solutions adopt an N+1/2N redundant design to ensure operational continuity. What's more, the real-time monitoring system and multi-level automatic alarm function can eliminate failure risk caused by manual operations or delayed inadequate maintenance inspections. 

Flexible Deployment- Accelerates the Process of Banking Digital Transformation

Kstar’s modular data center solutions only take a few weeks to be operational. All modules are prefabricated in the factory to minimize onsite workload and implement quick deployment. They support fast delivery and can be expanded on-demand, which are better ways to design, build, and manage bank data centers.

Lower PUE:Cut Electricity Bills Without Sacrificing Performance 

Data centers are high electric energy consumers, resulting in very high electric power costs. Reducing the cooling cost is essential for lowering electricity bills since cooling system accounts for the greatest shares of direct electricity use besides servers. Data center modules are particularly effective at managing airflow to servers, a key factor in reducing the energy dedicated to cooling. For example, the aisle containment design isolates hot and cold air flows to eliminate hotspots and achieve lower Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE). 

Kstar modular data center adopts hot aisle containment to improve cooling efficiency

Reduction of costs, energy consumption, time, resources and enhance reliabilities are just a few of the advantages for banking going modular with Kstar solutions. Companies that have implemented these new infrastructure solutions are already seeing positive changes. Here are some new project references.

Project References:

1.Bank of China Limited, Heilongjiang Branch

kstar data center solution for Bank of China

 Kstar Products  Unit/pcs
 IDU Micro Data Center Solution  1

2.Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited, Guangxi Branch

kstar data center solution for ICBC banking

 Kstar Products  Unit/pcs
 IDU Micro Data Center Solution  20

3.Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited, Guangxi Branch

kstar data center solution for Banking

 Kstar Products  Unit/pcs
 IDM Data Center Solution  1

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