UPS systems & integrated solution for transportation industry

Nowadays, the transportation industry is becoming more and more intelligent, informative and automated. This results in the critical loads of operating systems relying heavily on 100% availability of power, even the shortest interruption cannot withstand. To avoid incalculable losses and transportation accidents caused by power outages or power quality, reliable UPS solutions are a must for transportation systems.

transportation industry representative explaning kstar UPS for transportation application

Kstar has many years of experience in building mission-critical solutions for rail and transport applications. We offer a wide range of UPS, battery, cooling system, power distribution equipment that can meet your specific requirements.

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For over a decade, Kstar has worked with all kinds of transportation systems such as airline system, the subway system, high-speed rail systems, high way system, etc. to protect crucial electrical loads from any type of input power interruption or power quality disturbance.

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Transportation project reference:

Hangzhou Metro Project:

hangzhou metro

Hangzhou Metro is a rapid transit system that serves Hangzhou in Zhejiang province, China. There are currently three lines in operation: Line1, Line2 and Line 4, which adopted Kstar reliable power solutions including UPS, track distribution system and Lead-acid batteries to secure the power supply of its communication system.

Kstar developed 96 sets of UPS& track distribution systems, 1808 pcs of Lead-acid batteries for the railway and the products have proven to be of high quality and trustworthy.

Ningbo Rail Transit Project:

Ningbo Rail Transit, the second rapid transit system in Zhejiang Province after Hangzhou Metro, is a rapid transit system serving the city of Ningbo, Zhejiang and its suburbs. Six metro lines will be built inside the urban area of Ningbo, serving Haishu, Jiangbei, Zhenhai, Beilun and Yinzhou. The first phase of Line 1 started construction in June 2009 and start to service the public on May 30, 2014. Line 2 began service on September 26, 2015.

Ningbo metro

Kstar developed 130 sets of UPS and distributed system, 12 sets of precision air conditioners, 2 sets of power environment monitoring system for signaling system, AFC system, monitor system, traffic management centers of the Line 1&Line 2, ensuring the safe operation of high-speed trains and improving transport efficiency.

Yancheng Nanyang International Airport

Yancheng Nanyang International Airport

According to the power distribution design requirements of the new project of T2 Terminal, the network room power distribution uses a 300KVA 1+1 parallel backup power supply solution to optimize and guarantee the power quality of the power distribution system. Kstar develops 2 units of 300KVA UPS, 256 VRLA batteries and 2 unit power distribution cabinets for the project and leave a good impression on customers.

Dongguan Expressway Electronic Toll Collection System UPS Project

In 2019, the ETC(Electronic Toll Collection)system of all sections of Dongguan Expressway, an important high-speed trunk line in Guangdong Province, needs to be upgraded. The entire line required more than 80 sets of outdoor integrated cabinets. Kstar won the bid!

Kstar outdoor data center for highway ETC system

The deployment of electronic highway toll collection system uses various devices such as in-vehicle electronic tags, RFID readers, ETC toll display monitor and data (billing) center. It needs a reliable power supply to ensure the normal operation of the system, but because it is installed on the highway, there are many challenges:


1.Exposure to sunlight, dusty, humidity, mildew, salt spray and rust;

2.Lightning strike;

3.Needed for the design of structural systems for wind- and earthquake-resistance.

Kstar provides advanced outdoor data center solution  IOU for the project. The IOU can be standardization, flexible customization, rapid deployment, It mainly provides reliable power supply and backup for the ETC system and ensures the reliable operation of key production equipment on the roadside. It has the characteristics of anti-theft, dustproof, waterproof, anti-corrosive, long power storage capacity, real-time monitoring, intelligent early warning, etc.

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