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Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS) for Medical System

Modern Medical systems, especially hospital facilities, rely heavily on the continuous, uninterrupted power supply(UPS) to run equipment that saves lives and protects vital electronic data. Even a brief interruption of electricity can be harmful to patients who are undergoing surgery or machine diagnosis. That's why you need a reliable medical UPS system.

medical-equipment-kstar ups system provide power for it

Kstar UPS for hospital and medical system providers adhere to the most stringent safety standards. By ensuring zero downtime for the entire electrical system, kstar UPS helps the heart of hospital beating all the time.

surgery-indicating the importance of medical ups

Reliable,high-efficiency battery backup

We offer a wide range of off-the-shelf solutions, while our expert team can work with you to tailor bespoke medical UPS systems that meet your specific requirements.

 Medical UPS-kstar industrial ups for medical&hospital industry

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For over a decade, we've worked with healthcare facilities to make sure the power will not go out.

project reference:

Shenzhen Third People's Hospital

To support the frontline medical professionals and patients fighting the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) last year, Kstar UPS has been deployed to the Shenzhen Third People's Hospital & Wuhan hospitals in 3 days to ensure perfect emergency power supply for health care system.

Ruici Changzhou Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital:

kstar supply UPS& precision air-conditioning, battery,monitoring system to protect the power supply.

Xiamen Xiang'an Hospital:

kstar supply all-in-one data center solution(IDM) with UPS, precision air-conditioning,battery,monitoring system for it.

New data center of Xuwen People's Hospital in Zhanjiang Province:

Kstar provided the hospital with  IDM modular data center solution including 10 IT cabinets, high-power UPS and precision air conditioners with constant temperature and humidity. The solution is deployments within 3 days and was highly recognized by customers.

If you have any questions or inquiry,fell free to contact us:e-mial:sales@kstar.com 

We will reply you within 24 hours.

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