Kstar maintains its top spot for China UPS sales in 2019

Leading manufacturer of uninterruptible power protection Kstar, maintained its top spot for China UPS sales in 2019 among local brands according to CCID Consulting's annual UPS market research report. Kstar sold 300,000 units of UPS in the full year, 235,000 units more than the second brand.

kstar ups ranks top 1 in 2019 China ups sales

The report revealed China's UPS market reaches 7.2 billion yuan in 2019 which grow by more than 6.2%. Digital transformation&5G infrastructure construction continues to boost the demand for China uninterruptible power supply market. Development of modular UPS system for critical power applications and increasing adoption of this systems owing to its high energy efficiency and low running costs have been driving the market.

Kstar cooperates with the established and growing network of channel partners to provide customers with a broad product portfolio including Commercial ups, industrial ups, modular ups, and lithium battery UPS. "Our advanced technology, good reputation and a mature network of distributors and resellers are key factors for our leading position." Said Mr Li, the marketing director of Kstar.

Kstar has been the market leader of local brands since 2000. These years, Kstar has won several bids for national key projects such as Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai Expo power project, China Mobile UPS procurement project and etc. Kstar team dedicated to provide their customers with the best-in-market products and services.

In early 2019, Kstar launched next-generation hot-swappable modular data center as well as lithium battery UPS systems to drive the China UPS industry.

Success at home also helped Kstar steppted into the No.6 spot globally in UPS hardware shipments in 2018. It's not surprised to see its after-sales service and support teams were growing rapidly these years.

“Our International expansion has been planed for many years and we now have 18 oversea offices,over 3000 staffs supporting our worldwide clients with satisfactory pre-sale, sale and after-sales service. We help our customers grow their business no matter what industry they are in.” Mr Li said.

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