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Portable Containerized Data Center Manufacturer in China

A prefabricated containerized data center can provide all of the operational features of a traditional data center while can be finished with 1-3 months, with more flexibility to adjust to changing data processing needs and energy-saving structure.

containerized data center manufacturer

Advantages of Portable Containerized Data Center

  • Cutting Costs  

Shifting your complete IT setup to a portable container instead of constructing or renting a new traditional brick and mortar data center will save a lot of money.

  • Flexible & Speed

Many organizations need a quick-to-deploy data center to meet business objectives and immediate data processing needs on a rigid timeline, some may need to establish data center functions in specific locations-for example, closer to manufacturing sites, disaster recovery or avoidance locations or remote operations- to support growth, operate through disasters or to support high-density computing needs.

  • Reliability

Containerized data centres are built in the factory setting under highly controlled conditions and are thoroughly tested before shipping to the location.  

So, when you want to choose a portable Containerized data centre brand that satisfies your needs, how can you know which is suitable?

Four Qualities of the Best Suppliers:

1.Design & Custom ability 

Before producing your containerized data center, you need to discuss all your project requirements with the manufactures. However, not all manufacturers can meet all the requests and produce custom modules quickly. So, a manufacturer with strong design & custom ability can provide valuable advice for your plan, not only current situation but also in future development. They can finish your solution in a more efficient way.

kstar container data center

2。High-quality Production Capabilities

To ensure the system running stably, the manufacturer should ensure built-in key equipment of high quality. What’s more, make sure all components comply with domestic and international technical standards, support plug and play and are easy to be installed. Also, it meets the code of international transportation and can be shipped all over the world. 

3. Expertise in Your Product Type and Target Market

A supplier is more likely to be familiar with common quality issues related to your product if they have experience manufacturing a similar product. So remember to verify a supplier's previous experience before you make a decision.

4. Success Stories

The success stories can help you get more information about the supplier- It's market reputation, production capacity, on-time delivery capability. The more project experience the supplier has, the more likely your cooperation will go smoothly.

Leading Portable Containerized Data Center in China

Kstar is a leading portable data center container manufacturer with vast experience in producing modular data center solutions. With Self-developed precision air conditioners, UPSs, racks, batteries, and PDUs, Kstar ensure on-time delivery and has helped global customers to complete data center project more efficiently and cost-effectively.

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