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KSTAR provides residential inverters to the rooftop solar plant in Vietnam
Vietnam, March 28, 2021 -- KSTAR, one of the global leading PV inverter solution suppliers for renewables, provides its residential inverter Blue-G series to the rooftop solar power plant in Vietnam.

The product Blue-G series solutions well meet the strict Vietnam norms and enable ease of maintenance as well as long-term cost savings. The rooftop PV plant is expected to supply enough electricity to the local households and reduce much CO2 annually.

The PV inverter  Blue-G series provides a smart solution which is intelligent and elegant for the on-site PV applications. For system monitoring and remote O&M, customers have multiple options such as WIFI plug, GPRS plug, DC Switch. The product is simple and easy to use, having high efficiency power generation, high reliability and greater adaptability. This is due to low temperature resistance, reactive power control, optional DC Switch / WiFi Plug / GPRS Plug and natural cooling. 
Rooftop solar installations skyrocketed in Vietnam in late 2020, with more than 6.7GW of solar installed in December 2020 alone. Combined with utility-scale and C&I installs, around 9GW of solar was installed in Vietnam last year,as a PV media reported recently.

KSTAR smart PV solution has made a certain contribution to make the solar installation market a reality in Vietnam.

“We are very happy to participate the rooftop solar installations with our customers in Vietnam. KSTAR entered the Vietnam market several years ago and built a comprehensive local team offering professional sales, technical support, after-sales service. KSTAR keeps increasing support in the development of new energy industry to supply more and more clean electricity for the local.” Said the sales manager Gavin Guan from KSTAR.

KSTAR is devoted to new energy solutions for many years. Until now, there is more than 25 GW installation for KSTAR worldwide. KSTAR has been a trusted partner for global energy companies and customers.  We have more than 3000 employees and 18 overseas branch offices in different countries since 1993.  There are over 600 R&D engineers, the majority of whom have more than many years talented experience in inverter industry. KSTAR is committed to innovation based on global customer needs. By integrating smart PV technology and innovative design, KSTAR PV Solution is safe, efficient and reliable, easy to install, creating value for customers to achieve better ROI with higher yields and lower maintenance cost. Learn more: www.kstar.com