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What is POD mean in Data Centre

POD is short for Performance Optimized Datacenter and it has been used to describe a number of different data center enclosures. Most commonly these PODs are modular data center solutions associated with a single-aisle, multi-rack enclosure that has built-in hot- or cold-aisle containment.

smart pod data center

kstar smart Pod data centers

Compared with the traditional brick-and-mortar data center, these data center Pods can be deployed within weeks instead of months or years and reduce the total cost of investment. What's more, the design compartmentalizes a data center into smaller sections, which are easier to cool than one large room.

For example, the KSTAR IDB containerized data center solution is a kind of Performance-Optimized Data Center (POD data center) equipped with power infrastructure, cooling and IT power distribution. It was prefabricated at the factory for simple installation and assembly on site. It offers speed and flexibility to meet the data center construction or transformation needs.

With a fully enclosed design and compliance with IP55, it can be applied to various working conditions and be shipped and deployed anywhere without extra space for the data center room.

The Kstar POD also offers an advanced cooling infrastructure that is more energy-efficient than typical data center build-outs.

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