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How to choose the right Kstar UPS

Finding the right Kstar UPS for your application can be complicated since there are so many available options. Different power ratings, power factors, runtime, capacity, optimal topology and discharge rates… So how to choose the right Kstar UPS for your application? Below are a few skills to help distinguish the different product families. 

kstar ups

1. Your power environment. 

Kstar line-interactive UPS can provide power protection for connected equipment from five of the nine most common power problems: blackouts, sags, surges, and under- and over-voltage conditions. These models are best suited for applications where utility power is consistently clean. In applications where the power quality is less stable, Kstar online UPS is generally the preferred solution. In addition to those protected by a line-interactive UPS, the online model also remedies electrical line noise, frequency variations, switching transients and harmonic distortion.

2. The equipment being protected. 

Before selecting the right UPS for your devices it is important to figure out how sensitive are the devices? Are they critical to your organization’s availability and uptime? Kstar double-conversion online UPS can offer zero transfer time to the battery during an outage, which means it can provide the highest level of protection for the mission-critical equipment.

3. Your capacity requirements

If you are looking for power protection for your small electronic devices such as personal computers, routers, NAS and other devices within 400-3000W. Kstar line-interactive UPS can cover all your needs. What’s more, the compact size of Kstar line-interactive UPS family is ideal for limited office and home working spaces. However, above this capacity, the topology has historically been impractical due to its larger size and greater cost.

4. Financial ramifications.

KSTAR line-interactive UPS is affordable and consumes less energy than an online model. In addition, it generates less heat than an online one, which reduces cooling costs. If you need muti-models, the saving will be larger. Of course, For mission-critical facilities, saving cost is not the first consideration because the cost of IT downtime may be far more expensive than an online UPS.  In this case, we do not recommend you to choose line-interactive ups.

Last but not least, if you just need basic protection and have a very limited budget, then the Kstar standby UPS may stand out from all the options. 

Ok,still confused about selecting our UPS?Feel free to e-mail us:sales@kstar.com。