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What's the Benefits of Modular UPS

An important advantage of the modular design is fast replacement and the hot swappable nature of modules.The removal or adding of modules can be carried out with the system running. You can replace the failure module as soon as possible without an expert.

Buyers of industrial uninterruptible power supply (UPS) are increasingly adopting modular UPS topology, primarily because of reduced mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) relative to monolithic UPS systems, specifically in remote locations.

On-premises data center operators are seeing the benefits of modular UPS topology: internal system redundancy, a smaller physical footprint, and scalability.

With parallel redundancy (N+X), all UPSs equally share the load to meet the total load demand. If one of the UPS fails, the remaining UPS can continue to support the load,which enhance the reliablity of the system.

Small Footprint:19 inch size power module and smaller batteries save the floor space and making the installation easier.

Parallel expansion: If your power requirements increase, you can add additional modules to your UPS without finding extra floor space or buying a new UPS.