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How to find UPS suppliers in Philippines

Finding reliable UPS suppliers in the Philippines or for the Philippines but didn't know how to start? Entering any new market as an outsider can be daunting when you don't fully understand the process. Here are some tips for you.

First step:understand the products' sales channel

An uninterruptible power supply or uninterruptible power source is a device that allows electrical equipment and hardware to continue running in the midst of a power outage or any surge or drop in power. It is regarded as IT hardware, computer hardware, backup power device and etc. To find the ups power suppliers in the Philippines. In the past, people have two common ways to find them: visit IT providers in local to get a brand list or attend some electrical power exhibitions in the Philippines and talk to suppliers face to face. 

1.Ask the IT providers
For example, if you are finding a UPS supplier in Manila, you can visit the IT service provider or Computer retailers who sell UPS in Metro Manila and get a UPS brand list.

2.Attend the trade-show
Attend exhibitions that are related to the UPS power industry, such as POWER & ELECTRICITY WORLD PHILIPPINES 2021 and you will find some manufacturers who manufacture UPS. 

These two ways are traditional and inefficient. Not to mention they will take a lot of time.  So here comes a more efficient way: search suppliers online. 

If you are inconvenient to pay a visit, you can use the internet to search the suppliers by typing keywords such as "UPS manufacturer in the Philippines", "UPS supplier Philippines" in google and collect the information you need. After finishing the collection, you can follow the steps below:

1.Make a list of the UPS supplier you find on the website
There are many suppliers on the Internet and they may be located all over the world. You’ll need to dig much deeper to make sure they are suitable for your business. For example, if you are sourcing an overseas supplier, make sure they have a good reputation and have aftersales service. The more background information you have about the supplier, the better your chances of a smooth sourcing process.

2.Contact the sales of the supplier

Every supplier has its own rules and requirements. When contacting the supplier, make sure you ask the questions that matter to you. For example, the shipping time frame the final price includes shipping and duties or taxes or whether there is a required minimum quantity that must be purchased.

3.Request Product Samples
Before you purchase anything from an overseas supplier, you can buy some samples if unsure of the quality of the product. If you are working with well-known brands such as Kstar, Vertiv, APC, you can skip this step because most of their products are high quality and have been tested by the global market.   

You are now ready to finalize an agreement with an overseas supplier. Make sure you have everything in writing, as issues typically arise when language barriers exist. Some key points of an agreement between an overseas supplier and a U.S. importer include product specifics, such as pricing, payment terms, shipping terms, and delivery.

About Kstar: With more than 27 years of R&D experience in the UPS power supply industry, Kstar UPS power products feature simple, efficient, and reliable. Contact us to get product catalogs:sales@kstar.com