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Does Kstar support UPS ODM?

Yes, Kstar supports both OEM&ODM. In fact, Kstar is one of the largest UPS OEM manufacturer in the industry. Our team can help you grow your business in short time!

Why you need a good UPS ODM supplier? 

·Shorter time to market
·Enrich your category and enhance your competitiveness
·Lower introduction price (since there are no R&D costs)
·Strong expertise in the technologies and (usually also) in the market space

Why Kstar? 

Kstar is one of the largest ODM UPS manufacturer in the industry, We have a vast variety of turn-key solutions to satisfy your every need.  

Kstar has been in OEM & ODM Services since its foundation in 1993. With 27 years experience dealing with customers from all over the world, We serves customers best in customization and help its customers grow their business. 

Compared to many other manufacturers, Kstar has our own individual R&D department, engineering team and 4 industrial parks. Over 3000 staffs supporting our worldwide clients which can serve you with satisfactory pre-sale, sale and after-sales service.

Kstar has confidence that our high-efficient ability on experienced manufacturing of ODM production will guarantee the quality of products. More importantly, our fast world-wide delivery service can mostly satisfies your timing requirements whether shipping near or far. 

Learn more about the latest product catalog&price :sales@kstar.com.