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Why do you need a UPS device?

Nowadays,the whole society are more relied on electricity than ever before.  Therefore, when there is a problem with the power supply, every second will cause losses to society.Take Amazon Outage for example, It is estimated that it cost $99 Million lost on prime day! In addition,it's said by IHS that businesses is losing $700 billion a year due to IT Downtime.

That's a huge loss, even if your company is not big and the power problem still impacts your every moment. Some types of power problems besides outage, such as voltage dip, power surge, overvoltage, harmonic distortion, frequency change···will not only damage your machines which are expansive but also can cause entire systems to immediately go dark.

That's the reason why you need a UPS device.

UPS systems provide surge/spike/line noise protection like surge protectors and add battery backup to keep connected equipment operating without interruption during blackouts.

The main features of a UPS device:

1.Uninterrupted power supply to make sure your machine keeps on working when a sudden outage happens.
2.Eliminate noise interference from the power grid to equipment, filter out electromagnetic pollution of equipment to power grid
3.Supply a stable output voltage to ensure that the equipment works reliably.

The application of UPS device:

industrial Application: 
For a wide range of industries, the continuity of process control is crucial: manufacturing, wastewater treatment plant, biotechnology / pharmaceutical, transportation, chemical industry, food and beverage, semiconductor, automobile, renewable energy. In these area, equitments often work in harsh enviremoent, including large temperature ranges or air characteristics with increased humidity and salinity. We have various UPS systems that may work for the industrial  application, In the event of an electrical accident, whether it requires a safe shutdown or maintains data integrity, kstar ’s industrial UPS solutions can provide reliable protection.

Commercial &Home&Office 
IT areas include banking, telecommunications, data centers also need UPS systems. In these areas, online UPS is widely used. In the other hand, standby UPS are polular among thouse who are searching for UPS for home or office computers.