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HPM series modular UPS is a scalable, modular UPS solution that combines the highest levels of reliability and felxiblity. It allows you to add capacity or redundancy and increase runtime as your business growth. The HPM’high power density design, small footprint and redundant control system make it an ideal solution for an array of data center, mission critical, and retail applications.Support ODM/OEM, contact:sales@kstar.com

General Features

Adopting digital control design, and the control system is more reliable

● High input factor 0.99 and output factor 1.

 3-level topology design, efficiency is up to 96% 

 Support parallel expansion for cabinet, and  parallel expansion is up to 4-6 cabinets.

 Batteries number of each group can be selected from 30 pieces to 50 pieces. 

 With 7 inches (standard) and 10 inches (optional) colorful touch LCD screen 

Technical Specification

Module Model HPM3300E-RM-40 HPM3300E-RM-50
Cabinet Model HPM3300E-200/320/400 HPM3300E-200/300/400/500/600/800/1000
Cabinet capacity (VA) 200k~400k 200k~1000k
Module capacity (VA) 40k 50k
Max. Number  05/8/10 4/6/8/10/12/16/20
Nominal voltage 380/400/415Vac, (3Ph+N+PE)
Operating voltage range 138~305Vacfor 40% Load; 305~485Vac for 100% Load;
Operating frequency range 40Hz-70Hz
Power factor ≥0.99
Harmonic distortion (THDi) ≤3% (100% linear load)
Bypass voltage range Max. voltage:220V: +25% (optional+10%, +15%, +20% ); 230V: +20% (optional +10%, +15% ); 240V: +15% (optional +10%)

Min. voltage: -45% (optional-10%, -15%, -20%, -30%)
Bypass Frequency range Frequency protection range: ±10%
Power Walk In Support
Generator input Support
Rated voltage 380/400/415Vac, (3Ph+N+PE)
Power factor 1
Voltage regulation ±1%
Output frequency Line Mode Synchronize with input, when the input frequency >±10%(±1%/±2%/±3%/±4%/±5% optional), output 50/60 (±0.1Hz)
Bat. Mode (50/60±0.1%)Hz
Crest factor 0.125694444
Harmonic distortion (THDv) ≤1% with linear load; ≤3% with nonlinear load
Efficiency up to 96%
Battery voltage Optional Voltage: ±180/192/204/216/228/240/252/264/276/288/300Vdc(30/32/34/36/38/40/42/44/46/48/50pcs optional);
 360Vdc~600Vdc (30~50 pcs, 36 pcs default, 36~50 pcs no power derating; 32~34 pcs output power factor 0.9; 30 pcs output power factor 0.8)
Power module charge current 20A (Max.)
Transfer time Utility to Battery : 0ms; Utility to bypass: 0ms
Overload Line Mode ≤110%, 60min; ≤125%, 10min; ≤150%,1min; to bypass.>150% Shut down Immediately.
Bypass Mode 135% overload for long term; >1000% overload for 100 ms
Overheat Line Mode: Switch to Bypass; Backup Mode: Shut down UPS immediately
Low battery voltage Alarm and Switch off
Self-diagnostics Upon Power On and Software Control
Backfeed Support
EPO Shut down UPS immediately (turn to bypass optional)
Battery  Advanced Battery Management
Noise suppression Complies with EN62040-3
Audible & Visual alarms Line Failure, Battery Low, Overload, System Fault
Status LED & LCD display Line Mode, Bypass Mode, Battery Low, Battery Fault, Overload & UPS Fault
Reading on the LCD display
Input, Output, Battery, Command, Setting, Maintenance
Communication interface
RS232, RS485, Parallel, LBS, BMS, Dry contact port, Relay card(optional), SNMP card(optional), Battery temperature sensor(optional)
Operating temperature 0℃~40℃
Storage temperature -25℃~55℃
Humidity range 0~95% (non condensing)
Altitude <1500m, derating required when >1500m
Noise level(from 1M distance) <68dB <73dB 
Dimension              WxD×H (mm) UPS cabinet
(S / F)
200/320kVA: 600×850×2000
400kVA: 1200×850×2000
200/300/400kVA: 600×850×2000
Power module 440×620×130
Net weight (kg) UPS cabinet
(S / F)
210~460 200kVA: 240; 300kVA: 260; 400kVA: 290; 
500kVA: 480; 600kVA: 540; 800kVA: 960; 
1000kVA: 1050 
Power module 33 34
Safety IEC/EN62040-1, IEC/EN62477-1
EMC IEC/EN62040-2 (IEC61000-4-2, IEC61000-4-3, IEC61000-4-4, IEC61000-4-5, IEC61000-4-6, IEC61000-

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