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Kstar Brought a Full Range of PV inverter and Charging Pile Products to The Exhibition

    The most powerful international, professional and scale SNEC 11th (2017) International PV Power Generation Conference Exhibition was opened in Shanghai on April 19. The organization lineup of this exhibition is unprecedentedly strong, the number of exhibitors exceeds 1,800 and visitors are expected to surpass 200,000. Shenzhen Kstar brought a full range of PV inverter and EV charger products to the exhibition.

»»PV expo
      As a major representative brand of inverter industry, Shenzhen Kstar Science&Technology Co.,Ltd. brought its perfect PV inverter integrated solution to the expo, attracting endless stream of insiders

      On the site, with its creative and technically improved new energy product, Kstar became the shining star of the expo. Over the years, Kstar has always insisted on autonomous technological innovation, constantly conquered industrial difficulties and led the industry development. At the expo, Kstar provided different versions of targeted products, content and services for colleagues visiting the expo from different parts of the world and with different demand. On the site, Kstar received global customers, discussed subsequent cooperation plan, solicited global partners and meanwhile invited insiders for strategic cooperation with the attitude of study and communication.

»»Charging pile expo

      Kstar brought its four series of products and integrated solutions, including the integrated DC quick charger, split DC quick charger, AC charging pile and DC charging module, which would lead electric vehicle charging technology to a new future.

The production and sales volume of new energy automobiles shows a rapid increasing trend and that in charging facility field is also very active. With the explosive demand growth of charging pile market, the efficiency of charging piles is getting more attention from operators and becoming more popular. As an emerging industry, most operators in charging pile industry are still in the "enclosure" era, therefore, the efficiency of charging piles directly relates to the operation cost and operation mode of the operators.

Relying on core technical advantages and technical strength, Kstar charging pile drives the green development of new energy automobile industry and provides powerful support for low-carbon and intelligent travel of electric vehicles. While the general efficiency in the industry was 93%, Kstar first reached the following leading level in the industry: efficiency of charging module: 96.4%; efficiency of whole machine: 95.5%; ultra-low power consumption of the system: 0.02%. For charging pile industry, a gap of 0.1 represents huge operation profit difference and industrial technology gap. Saving money for customers is also one of the R&D creeds of Kstar.