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Shenzhen Kstar Brought its PV inverter Integrated Solution to CIPV Expo in Beijing

    The remarkable Clean Energy Expo China 2017 was held in China International Exhibition Center (Old Venue) in Beijing on March 29, 2017. As the only clean energy trade expo hosted by end user industry, it is an important international exchange and cooperation promotion platform for domestic PV industry. The expo mainly shows centralized power station, distributed power station, micro-grid and household type etc. to professional visitors for the purpose of promoting clean energy technology and its application. 500 global leading brands from clean energy industry attended the expo and exhibited their products, technologies and services. The expo site covers a total area of 30,000 m2 and held more than 10,000 visitors.

    As a major representative brand of inverter industry, Shenzhen Kstar Science&Technology Co.,Ltd. brought its perfect PV inverter integrated solution to the expo, attracting endless stream of insiders.

    On the site, with its creative and technically improved new energy product, Kstar became the shining star of the expo and accepted certain media's interview. Over the years, Kstar has always insisted on autonomous technological innovation, constantly conquered industrial difficulties and led the industry development. At the expo, Kstar provided different versions of targeted products, content and services for colleagues visiting the expo from different parts of the world and with different demand. On the site, Kstar received global customers, discussed subsequent cooperation plan, solicited global partners and meanwhile invited insiders for strategic cooperation with the attitude of study and communication.

So far, the shipment of Kstar inverter products reaches over 10GW, taking a market share of about 15%. In 2010 and 2012, the products mainly aimed at large centralized power station. But in 2013, 2014 and thereafter, the development of distributed product and the exploitation of distributed product market was enhanced based on national PV poverty alleviation policy. This time, Kstar exhibited targeted distributed application. The unit power of the string product exhibited can reach 100KW and achieve 6-12-channel input. The unit power can reach 100KW and a matrix of 1MW is composed of 10 devices. With respect to equipment quantity, management and operation& maintenance work is reduced; with respect to the product, this product adopts the latest multi-level control technology and MPPT (maximum power point tracking) and heat dissipation technology and great improvement has been made. With respect to unit weight, volume and power density, relatively speaking, this product is also one of the most advanced products in the industry. It is a new string product aiming at distributed application. 

    Furthermore, in distributed application, aiming at large centralized power station, Kstar also launched 1,500V system, of which the unit power can reach 1.25MW. The unit power of container type can reach 2.5MW. In order to meet the demand of the market, Kstar launched the inverter and booster integration machine which integrates two inverters with boost circuit of 10-35KV and high and low voltage electric distribution and the unit capacity ranges from 1MW to 2.5MW. Not only the system efficiency was greatly promoted, but also the customer investment in operation & maintenance was reduced. The system has great advantage in cost and operation & maintenance with respect to the competitiveness of the whole power station. System advantage is promoted by 15%-20%. 

Kstar has defined the industrial strategic positioning of Kstar inverter products in the PV industry. Kstar will fully explore its experience from 25-year R&D, production and sales of power electronic products and contribute to the technology development and user cost management in inverter industry!